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CoventryOne® Plans for Individuals & Families

Visit our CoventryOne® Family of Brands, including HealthAmericaOne and AltiusOne, where you can explore local options for individuals and families, get a free quote, and apply for coverage.

With CoventryOne, members benefit from unmatched plan benefits:

  • Clear, affordable coverage: choose a plan to fit your budget
  • Easy to understand: plans are designed with you in mind
  • Low copays and deductibles
  • No specialist referrals needed
  • Wellness and preventive programs

Group Plans

Coventry Group Plans: delivering products and services that give customers access to quality health care at an affordable price. Contact us to learn how we can lower your health care costs, increase your team's productivity and deliver the superior customer service you and your employees deserve.

To find the Coventry plan for your needs, click on the "Employer Sponsored Plans" option in the menu to the right and use the state selector to find which products are available locally.

Medicare Coverage from Coventry Health Care

  • Getting more for your money is always a good thing, especially when it comes to your Medicare coverage. It pays to be a smart shopper. And when you take the time to compare your options, you can find real value.
  • That’s why you should learn more about the benefits of Coventry Health Care Medicare Prescription Drug and Medicare Advantage plans.
  • With affordable monthly plan premiums and the coverage options you want, our plans will help you see Medicare in a whole new light.


To find a Coventry Medicaid plan in your area, use the list in the menu to the right.

Coventry Workers' Compensation Network

Coventry offers an integrated continuum of cost containment services for workers’ comp payors including:

  • 24x7 Nurse Triage (NT24) to provide pre-claim level of care counseling, health information and network direction for your employees
  • Dedicated clinical resources to triage claims for intervention leveraging experience and Global inSight® risk modeling
  • Dedicated telephonic case managers and injury coordinators to manage the utilization and return-to-work needs of your injured workers
  • Medical bill review services to ensure appropriate unit cost and utilization decisions
  • Network solutions that manage your total spend (medical, pharmacy, physical medicine, DME, home health, diagnostics)
  • Outcome-based networks that enable you to recognize and access providers who consistently demonstrate practice patterns that deliver the best patient and claim outcomes
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) that manages pharmacy spend and appropriate utilization with in-house pharmacists who provide education and support to providers and case managers with challenging narcotic/opioid issues
  • National network of field-based case managers who become involved when a face-to-face clinician is of benefit
  • An integrated data warehouse that aggregates all data at a claim level to enable daily risk modeling throughout the life of each claim

First Health Network Solutions

First Health offers national PPO network solutions with deep discounts and broad access in urban, suburban, and rural markets across the United States, including Puerto Rico. We offer solutions to handle every claim, through directly contracted networks, secondary networks and non- network negotiation services. First Health is proud of our position as one of the largest directly contracted PPO networks in the nation and provides flexible repricing solutions, including electronic submission and remote pricing for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

We have a wide complement of ancillary services to support your cost management efforts, including:

  • Medical management
  • Specialty networks, and
  • Transplant, oncology and heart disease management programs.

Find a First Health Provider

Behavioral Health

Coventry MHNet Behavorial Health, a leader in the behavioral health care industry, is home of The Total Behavioral Solution—dedicated to improving the well-being of our members through a quality, clinical outcome-oriented model. MHNet provides innovative behavioral health and EAP/work-life services for health plans, employer groups and public programs.

The Total Behavioral Health Solution provides our members with the best treatment available through a combination of care coordination, preventive health programs and disease management.

We understand the needs of our members and the important role our services play in achieving optimal treatment outcomes.

The philosophy behind the Total Behavioral Health Solution is member-centric. We dedicate our time, energy and resources to ensure that each member receives the most effective care. You’ll get confidential support and treatment for mental health and substance abuse, including conditions such as:

  • Depression
  • Severe stress and anxiety
  • Alcohol or drug dependency
  • Eating disorders
  • Coping with grief and loss
  • Anger management
  • Mood disorders
  • Problem gambling
  • Inpatient care
  • Acute rehab
  • Day treatment
  • Medication management
  • Group therapy
  • Follow-up outreach to ensure successful recovery
Visit our Behavioral Health website here

Individual Plans

Need individual or family coverage? Explore options in your area.

Employer Sponsored Plans

Learn more about employer group health benefit solutions in your state.



Find the right Medicare Health (Part C) and Prescription Drug (Part D) coverage for you.


Find out how Coventry Medicaid managed care expertise can best serve your state's needs.

Workers' Compensation

Learn about the innovative ways Coventry Workers' Comp Services can improve your medical and financial claim outcomes.

First Health

Discover more about First Health - your national choice for PPO network and claim cost management solutions.

Behavioral Health

Turn to MHNet behavioral health services for expert life support services.

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